First Snow Fall

01 Dec

There are a few things in life that are so mesmerising ,one of which is a SNOW FALL.Though I had come across accumulated snow a couple of times,never had I in my life ever experienced a phenomenon and pretty as this.

It was on  the 30th of November 2010,evening when I was going to get my daughter from school,there was a hint of snow flakes on the ground and I was sad I had missed the first batch of snow,then realised from the weather report that this was called the “flurries”(A brief, light snowfall) and over the night I could see light showers but not enough to accumalate.

Morning on Dec 1st was a pretty sight,as I was preparing for another working day making breakfast,I could see the thickening of the clouds and the winds carrying larger snow flakes .While I went to drop off Avni ,they landed on my face and head and it was very tingling feeling,a very soft feeling.

Back in the safe warmth of my home,looking outside through my balcony,I could see that the snow fall was getting thicker and they were begining to accumulate every where.

What I saw through my balcony reminded me of those old Hindi movies.My Balcony looks into a row of pine trees and the winds that were carrying the snow fall looked like those Bollywood 1970s movies,where they used to throw thermocol in front of a fan /air to get the romantic enviroment of the snow fall for the songs :).

Its a pretty sight and I as inspired by this beauty of nature and my hubby tells me this is just the begining and there is more to come,I say “Bring it on”!.

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