Vegetable Pulav

19 Jan

Preparation time:20mts,Cooking time:20mts.


  1. Basmati Rice-2 Cups
  2. Mixed vegetables(carrot,beans,corn)-1 1/2 Cup.
  3. 3tbsp coconut grating
  4. Cauliflower Florets-1 cup.
  5. Peas:1/2 cup
  6. Cilantro Leaves:1 bunch.
  7. Large Onion:1
  8. Green Chillies:2
  9. Ginger:1″
  10. Garlic:8-9 pods.
  11. Cinnamon stick:1 piece
  12. Cloves:2-3
  13. Bay leaves:2
  14. Oil:2tbsp
  15. water:4cups.


  1. Soak Rice for an hr and drain in thoroughly.
  2. Fine grind coconut,Onion,Green chillies,Cilantro,garlic,ginger and whole spices.
  3. In a cooker,put some oil ,fry some of the whole spices and add the ground paste ,fry it for a few mts ,till the pungency reduces.
  4. Now add all the veggies,and fry for about 5mts till it mixes.
  5. To this add the drained rice for 5mts.
  6. Add water and salt and put the cooker lid and cook without pressure/weights.
  7. Cook for 10-15mts on medium flame.
  8. Keep checking for the rice to be done and mix lightly so as to not break the rice.
  9. Switch off the stove and remove the lid if danger of rice over cooking.
  10. Garnish with croutons if required and serve with fresh made raitha.
Basmati Rice                    1 cup
Mint                            1/4 cup
Cilantro                        1/2 cup
Onions                          1 NO
Ginger                          1'inch piece chopped finely
Garlic                          1 NO
green Chillies/serrano pepper   4 nos
Coconut                         2 tsp
(Carrots,beans,peas,cauliflowers)1 cup
Salt                             Acc to taste
Cinnamon                         1 piece
Cloves                           1 no
Bay leaf                         2 Nos
Butter/Ghee/margarine            2 tbsp
water                            2 cups
cashew                           1/4 cup
Bread                            4 slices
Soak The Basmati Rice in water for half an hour before
cooking. Wash & drain the rice.
Cut the carrots,beans lenght wise..wash peas & florets
Wash & dry the mint & Cilantro.
Blend Mint,cilantro,ginger,garlic,whole garam masala,
serranos.coconuts & half the Onion to a fine paste.
In a rice cooker or in a pan take some butter/ghee.
AS it starts melting add  bay leaf & whole garam masala.
fry for a minute add the paste let it cook for a couple
of minutes.
Add the veges & fry for couple more minutes.
Add rice & salt.Fry it till all the rice is quoted
with ghee & spices. Add the water & cover the lid.
In a seperate pan add a little butter & fry the
cashew pieces & keep aside.
In the same pan fry the onions till it turns
translucent & brown.
Cut the bread it small cubes,deep fry them & keep
Garnish the rice with cashews,onions & bread

Serve hot with Yougurt salad of your choice.


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