Bizzard-Worst Snow storm of the Century-Feb1-Feb 2 ,2011

02 Feb

It started on Monday afternoon,the Jan 31st,2011. The snow was light and I was wondering in my mind , as to what people had told me about Rockford Weather ; that it will Snow every alternate day in Jan . I thought to myself ,”not bad”, the weekend was fairly ok and today its  light snow . Little did I know , that when I would check the weather on Monday night , for the next days Forecast it would say Sever Weather warning .

“It has happened before”, I thought to myself,it is just going to be a windy day with low temperatures , I have to cover up my daughter completely and send her to school . And I ardently hoped like the last time , they would declare a school holiday . No ! they did not declare holiday and she went to school wrapped like every other day .

Now , what did the forecast say??. It said there is a BLIZZARD warning from 3pm on Feb 1st to 3pm to Feb 2nd,huh!how can they be so sure it will start at 3 , I thought to myself must be like our Country where they predict rain and it never comes . HOAX ! I thought to myself again and went for a short beauty sleep , to be awaken by the gushing wind sound at my window . I checked, and what do you reckon ??? it is 3PM!!! . Kudos !!! to the weather forecast dept  .

Time for kid to come from school . I try to look out my window and all I can see is blankets of snow blowing strong with the wind . My daughter being on the lighter side of life , worried me …thinking… getting down from her bus and walking in this wind , may be outright impossible and she may get carried away with the wind . So with layers of clothing I ventured into the Blizzard , that is when it STRUCK me…though I may never go to the North Pole or the Mt Everest I think I have experienced how it will be to walk on one of these terrains .

Looking up more on the internet fetches me this:Worst still to come from major winter storm system Video included

One of the hilarious episode in this sever condition was the failure of visibility . Another parent like myself  waiting for his kid to come from school , was so impaired by the snow that he was ready to take off with my daughter mistaking her to be his own . A Glaring me and a large Apology from him was all we could do in this weather .

Back home safely with my daughter , I look into the night . The Winds are growing stronger and the snow is getting thicker . Visibility is close to zero , and my porch is filled with snow that will take days to melt . The windows are covered with snow and there is a little surface through which I can see out,which I am sure will be covered by the morning . The Trees are trying to stand up to the atrocities of the Mother Nature , and I feel like I am sitting in an Igloo at the North pole waiting for this massive storm to subside .

This brings back a conversation I had with my hubby a few days back . Keshu asked “Did you ever dream that you will see snow in your life”. And I said “May be I had a wish to see some snow in my life , but I never thought  I will be bound by it” and to add to it today I think , never in my wildest dream did I think I will be intimidated,humiliated  & terrified  by the Fury of mother Nature in the Form of White serene Blankets of Soft pure SNOW !

The schools are closed for Feb 2nd and my daughter is sad over her much awaited  Field trip to the Bird Farm being postponed . I hope the weather dept is proved correct again and that this weather subsides by Feb 2nd morning like the forecast says and all are safe , including the birds .

Hoping to see sunshine soon.

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