Vaingan Mashisaang Thalasani/EggPlant Drumstick stir fry

22 Feb

Thalasani essentially mean stir fry of any vegetable in a base seasoning of Garlic and Red Chillies.

Another of the GSB vegetarian sides,this can be made out of many types of vegetables including Ivy Gourd(Tindora),Beans ,Drumstick, or combination of veggies.For today I have used Egg plant(Vaingan in Konkani) and Drumstick(Mashingasaang in Konkani).The too are very commonly available vegetables and work well together as well.During its season,we replace the Eggplant with another variety of the same Family  called the Gooll(Green Eggplants) available in the South Kanara Market which has a wonderful soft texture and taste compared to the readily available egg plant.

Preparation time:5mts,cooking time:20mts,Serves:2


  1. 1/2 a Large Egg plant
  2. about 15 peices of Drumsticks.
  3. 5-6 Garlic Pods
  4. 3-4 Red Chillies.
  5. Salt
  6. Oil for tempering


  1. Cut the egg plant in to square peices.
  2. If you are using Fresh Market Drumsticks,cut them into a finger long peices.
  3. In a pan,add some oil.
  4. Crush the Gralic Pods  with its covering,with a Blunt end of Belan/rolling pin.
  5. Fry crushed garlic in oil till they start turning golden brown.
  6. Add red chillies and fry for 30secs
  7. Add the Egg plant and stir well,and cook for 3-4mts.
  8. Add the drumstick peices and salt over and mix well.
  9. If the veggies are fresh they will cook in its own water content,but if you feel your veggies arnt frsh you can add about 1/4 cup water and let it cook under cover for 10mts. 
  10. Keep stiring in between.
  11. Once the veggies are cooked,if you feel there is water content,increase the flame and let the water get absorbed into the veggies.In the process ,the veggies will get fried a little.
  12. Switch of the burner and let it cool.
  13. Serve with hot rice.
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