Healthy Sandwich

07 Apr

One of these days,I had not planned for a break fast ,when I mean “planned for” I am essentially referring to an Indian Breakfast — Dosa,Idli,Upma and as such.

My better half(I wonder why we say BETTER ,,why do we undermine self??) ,so,ok,my Other Better Half was in no mood to eat Cereals .Running late for office I did not have much of time to rack my hardly used cooking brain.When this sandwich struck me!

These are those yummy sandwichs our mom used to make and which u get at all Juice Corners in Bangalore.It is healthy for it uses raw and cooked veggies,less salt,Whole wheat bread and Coriander leaves for its chutney.With the Chutney it gives a very Indianish flavour to the otherwise continental item.

The Cilantro is a wonderful source of Vit C,have anti bacterial properties and aids in digestion.

Yes I am referring to the Vegetable Sandwich from the Juice Junction.!!!

Essentially one can add,any veggies one likes in this grated carrots,lightly cooked peas etc,Grated Cheese,which I have avoided to keep it less caloric;but my Potato lover hubby prefers the King of Vegetable…Alooo aka Potato.

Therefore what you see here is a simple version of the sandwich.

Additional advantage is that,we can store the below mentioned chutney in the refrigerator and use it for Dosa’s or for quick Sandwich’s over the week and is good for a fail over.

Preparation time:5-10mts,cooking time:1mt.Serves upto 20 Sandwhichs(2 slices of bread ea)


  1. 1 Cup Grated Coconut
  2. 1 Large Bunch of Cilantro/Coriander leaves.
  3. 1-1 1/2 Green Chilly.
  4. Some tamarind.
  5. Sliced Tomato
  6. Cooked ,Peeled & thin sliced Potato
  7. Finely chopped Onions.
  8. Tomato Ketchup
  9. Salt to taste.
  10. Slices of bread


  1. Grind items 1-4 into a fine paste along with adequate salt- Cilantro chutney
  2. On the first slice of bread,smear a thin layer of the above mentioned chutney.
  3. On this place the chopped onion,a layer of sliced tomato,a layer of sliced Potato .
  4. Sprinkle some salt over this.
  5. On the second slice smear a thin layer of the tomato ketchup.
  6. Now place this slice over the first slice,with the side having ketchup facing the vegetable on the first slice.
  7. Apply wee bit of butter before frying this on a pan on either sides to turn  an even light brown.
  8. Slice diagonally and serve.
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