Mango Pachhadi-Easy style

03 May

My earliest childhood memory of doing something without parents knowledge remains of the the summers when we were staying at my granny’s place.I must have been something like 4-5yrs , my 2 elder cousins & I used to look forward to those afternoons when all the adults in our house will be taking a afternoon nap and we could do what ever we wanted.

We shared our compound with our second cousins, the youngest of who was notorious for this pranks and stories of adventures.Therefore ,we used to wait not only for our parents to take the afternoon nap ,but his parents too.Which was quite a expectation considering the number of adults involved.Somebody or the other would decide to read or do something else apart from sleep.But some days, we would get lucky and those days are the ones that are etched in my memory.We used to look for bee hives and bring them down and try getting honey out of the honey comb(we dint know that  the bee’s stung…and it never happened with us,when it did that put at end to our Honey discovery experiment).We would have a small competition of talents with our visiting granny as our guest,we would collect-count-recount the number of “manjati kurru”,or the number of shells collected from the beach.Of many such things we did,one of it included trying out different raw mangoes.The eldest amongst us would climb the try or whack out a raw mango from the tree,the middle one would do the cutting and the youngest(which was me) was sent to steal spices and other condiments from the kitchen.YES!this is where I first learned to steal!.

We would then fondly prepare this pachhadi and eat it on plantain leaf,also which was readily available in the kitchen garden within our compound wall.This is the easy style ,cos there is another one which is made with coconut ground etc .

Today when I found some raw mangoes in the store,it reminded me of those innocent childhood days I enjoyed with my  cousins.This is something like a salad/pickle,and can accompany rice ,roti or relish it simply like we did.;-)

This is what you need:

  1. 1 Raw Mango
  2. 1tsp  chilly powde(less if hot)
  3. 1/2 tsp salt.
  4. Pinch of astefotida/hing
  5. Coconut oil(optional-gives an authenticity)

How to:

  1. If the  peel the skin of Raw Mango skin if it is too thick,leave it on it is not.
  2. Chop the mango into fine pieces.
  3. Mix with salt,chilly powder and coconut oil.
  4. If the Mango is not at all sour ,squeeze some lemon for the “kick”
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