Neeli Hinga ghashi/Mussels Coconut curry

19 May

Another Classic Konkani style seafood curry,differing slightly from the first one I mentioned.Instead of the onion/ginger seasoning,in this it is purely hing/astefotida.


  1. 1/2 kg Mussels
  2. 1 cup coconut gratings
  3. 4-5 red dried fried chillies
  4. a small blob of tamarind
  5. Hing/astefotida-1/2 tsp mixed with 2 tbsp water
  6. Salt to taste


  1. Semi-cook the mussels with salt.
  2. Meanwhile grind the coconut,chillies and tamarind into fine paste
  3. add the paste to mussels and bring to boil.
  4. Add astefotida mixed in water ,mix well and bring it off the stove.
  5. Dribble a few drops of coconut oil as garnish
  6. Serve with white rice.
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Posted by on May 19, 2011 in Konkani, Seafood


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