Jeere meere kothambri Kashayu(Cumin pepper Concoction) -for sore throat.

27 Jan

Jeeremeerekothambari kashayu (5)

Every dish has a story behind it,and for me it is mostly about how I came across them.

Kashayu -meaning CONCONTION of many spices and other natural ingredients like herbs,roots or spices, used to be the most popular form of medication in the indian pharmacology until the advent of modern medicine.Many households relied on the many different types of these concoction to fight small allergies and health problems,most of them passed through generation and most still available in records of ayurvedic medicine.

For instance,heating Dried pomegranate skin -for upset stomache,Ginger Lemon honey in warm water for sore throat and cold,Rock sugar and pepper concoction for cough,Warm milk with turmeric for chest congestion are the few I have heard and used,that have been very effective.

Among GSB;women ,post delivery are given many different Kashaya to strengthen their immune system and some to strengthen their bones and muscles that would have been strained during pregnancy and delivery.Most of these concoction are also made in wrought iron vessels which infuse iron ,apart from the obvious herbs that are a part of it.

Jeere Meere Kashayu is one such that was introduced to me post delivery,it was made so spicy and given to me piping hot it literally burned me down.I had to tell my mom to stop it,as I could  handle it no more.

The one I have mentioned in the recipe here is not exactly the one my mom gave me as it used some herbs that are not available here,but rather a combination of 2 such kashaya,exempting the herbs and with my twist.


  1. 1/2 tsp Jeera/cumin seeds
  2. 1/2 tsp Coriander/Cilantro seeds
  3. 3-4 pepper corn
  4. little bit Dry ginger/Choonti
  5. 2 tbsp jaggery
  6. 2 cups water
  7. lemon squeeze


  1. Dry fry Jeers,Coriander and pepper corn
  2. using mortar and pestle crush(coarse powder) it along with dry ginger.
  3. Add it to water and jaggery,boil it  on medium heat for 10-15 mts,till it is  reduced to half.
  4. Squeeze lemon and drink hot!
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