Pineapple:preparing without the thorns.

28 Mar

Pineapple ready to eat (5)


Picture speaks for itself.By far this has been the easiest way I have learned to deal with Pineapple to prepare it for cutting for consumption.


  1. Cut the crown and tail of the Pineapple.
  2. Place it upright on your cutting   on its tail.
  3. Starting from the top,cut 1/2 cm along the length of the fruit,so as to shave of the thick skin of the pineapple along with a little bit into the flesh ,taking a aprt of the thorn with it.
  4. Do this along the whole circumference of the fruit.
  5. Once the whole pine apple s removed off its skin.Place it horizontally.
  6. Once placed like this,we can notice that the thorns of the pineapple are diagonally aligned over its different rows.
  7. Place the knife diagonally so as to put an incision along its edge(knife) cutting  right under the thorns,once incision will cover up o 4 thorns or 3.
  8. Now put another incision opposite previous incision,so as to cover the same set of thorn from the other side,create a groove under the thorns so that the thorns slip out easily.
  9. Repeat to remove each set of thorns.
  10. once all the thorns are removed,the Pineapple can be pretty much cut in any way to be eaten.
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