Make Paneer/Cottage Cheese at home

19 May


When a whole lot of milk gets spoilt,there are many ways to re use it.Most people make curd and sweet,and the rest make paneer/cottage cheese.

One can also make Paneer from fresh milk and then add acid/lemon juice to curdle it,either way after the milk has begun curdling the process remains the same.

  1. 1ltr Whole milk
  2. Cheese Cloth
  3. heavy weight(of any kind)


  1. Warm  the milk in a thick bottomed pan,on low-medium heat to separate the whey from the liquid contents.
  2. if using fresh milk this can be achieved by boiling the milk  and then adding juice of a whole lemon or acid or vinegar-effectively curdling the milk.
  3. When the water and the whey is completely separated,ie you can see a mass of white floating in Colorless liquid-Let is cool down without disturbing.
  4. Place a cheese cloth in a strainer  and pour the cooled down mixture into the cheese cloth
  5. Once the water has drained off,tie the cheese cloth tightly ,giving the mixture the shape you need (i made mine round and flat)around the mixture and place it under a weight for 2-3 hours.(I used my rice container to place on top of the cheese cloth)
  6. Remove the cheese cloth and take out your paneer,cut into ur desired shape for use in dishes/
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