Bombay Ice halwa

11 Dec

bombay ice halwa (9) bombay ice halwa (10)

In many of my posts I have mentioned that I am not a “sweet” person,;-) oh yes,in this context I actually meant “sweet” as in Dessert.Some time I wonder if I lost my “sweet tooth” to the dentist 😉 ,or wonder if there were something in the pasts that would make me want to eat sweet.So when thinking on those lines ,I was reminded of “paper halwa” ,my aunt who lives on the border with Maharashtra used to bring this for us every summer ,along with “kunda”,and I used to always look forward to her visit anticipating this in her “goodie” box for us and she would never disappoint us.

That was childhood and this is now,it must have been more than couple of decades now,that I ate “paper halwa” ,and to add it was the fact that this sweet dish was never known as “paper halwa”,found this out when as I kept scouting for a recipe of the same.

Eventually last morning,I accidentally found that this was called the “Bombay /Mahim Ice Halwa”.Thanks to the different food group available on social networking sites.

I refer recipe on Bhavana’s kitchen to the T,but found that it was not as easy she made it to be.May be its her experience which made up for where I was challenged.



  1. same as mentioned in her recipe X 2
  2. Did not have pista so replaced with crushed cashew.

Things I learned:

  1. Like she said have everything ready!.
  2. Have your sheet on which you are gng to spread the halwa,greased thoroughly.
  3. Do not spread the dough too thin,this causes it to break when trying to flip,I really could not flip when I had to get the other side dried,I cut the pieces and then tuned individual pieces over and peeled of the greased sheet after placing it on wax paper.
  4. unlike she said,it took more than 3hours for it to dry in my case nearly 12hours each side .

As I said this is my first time,and I am not sure if I have optimised the technique,the outcome after 24hours is exactly how I remembered it from my childhood,though the effort spent is not as much as the technique optimization is needed.

So till I try that…

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