Bottle painting

20 Jan

Glass bttle pink flower (2)

Most often we find bottles in our home which we discard ,and most often we do remember that they are hazardous and recyclable and hence goes into the recycle bin.But very few of us realize that although not all but a few of them can be used to decorate and used a pencil holders,oil dispenser,flower vase,light holder etc.Some of these projects need cutting into the bottle using glass cutters,but art projects which requires only painting is easy at- home work.

Since most of them are more of “home projects”  there are very few sites which give you the steps to do complete this work.

Here are the steps:

  1. Used Bottles.
  2. Dish soap
  3. Water
  4. Cotton/Kitchen towel
  5. Rubbing alcohol
  6. Enamel paints
  7. Paint brushes
  8. Pattern of your choice.

I use bottle that have some unique shape or color,serve a specific purpose.

Wash the bottle inside and outside by keeping it immersed in water mixed with dish washing liquid for around 30mts. Scrub the glue,paper etc from the bottle .

Air dry the bottle for a couple of days,by keeping the bottle upside down and draining out the water from within.

Before Painting wipe the bottle with rubbing alcohol.

Draw your pattern with a marker on the bottle/for wide neck bottles you can take a print out of your pattern and insert it into your bottle.

Paint the pattern.Let the paint dry.

Coat it with primer/not

Bake at 300F  30mts or so,as per instruction on your paint bottle.

PS:I use Folk art Enamel paint.They dont wash off quickly even if not baked.

This particular piece served as a flower vase:

Glass bttle pink flower (3)


After having completed the above project,I wanted to create something with a blue bottle I had ,using the concept that it can serve as the night sky for a city.Coincidentally,was our visit to NY ,there fore I chose it as my next project:

Newyork Skyline as seen from the near the brooklyn bridge.


NY nightsky (9) NY nightsky (27)

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