Chicken 65

26 Jan

chkn 65 (1)

For the Chilly garlic paste:

Grind together 4-5 Pods of garlic,6-7 red chillies,vinegar,salt and sugar.For color add chilly powder if the chillies dont impart the color

For the Chicken:

Marinate chicken with lemon juice,salt,chilly powder,turmeric powder,pepper powder and ginger garlic paste.Keep it for some time.

Add 1 egg white to above marinated chicken ,2-3 tbsp of flour and deep fry it in hot oil,Drain on to towel.

Putting it together:

In a wok heat some oil,fry a few green chilly,curry leaves and finely chopped 1 garlic pod,add the Chilly garlic paste adjust the salt and sugar to meet your requirements bring to a boil add as little water as possible.

When the sauce has come to a boil,add the chicken pieces and toss it around till the pieces are evenly covered with the sauce till none is left in the wok.

Serve it with slices of raw &/fried onion.

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