Our Relation with Food

We are a family of Foodies,we love to Eat and Cook ,exactly in that order :-).Our Food is primarily GSB Konkani and Kerala style dishes,but not restricted to it and love to taste all the ranges of spices and food.Food is the center of our existence we get excited thinking of new items to try.

My mom and Dad are my biggest inspiration,my mom like most mom’s is a very good cook and loves to try anything she can lay her hands on,to help her I have a very motivating Dad who loves to eat new things.So the formula was perfect for me growing up to see the excitement involved in the cooking process.

It was not until my college days that I actively started cooking,but even then cooking elaborate was not as important and cooking something edible was.That was a start!

It was my daughter who really got me seriously into this art,being a trouble some eater since 6mo old,when I was entrusted the job of getting her to eat 3-4 meals a day all on my own when she was 4yrs of age,I realised how much I had missed.From then to now I have been scouting all around of things that we can try ,something that will make her ask everyday”Mommy whats Special TODAY?!!”.Though sometimes,it gets to me,the twinkle in her eyes when she asks me that and the curve of her lips,makes me want to try something new every day.

Being in the IT world for more than a decade,I could not think of a better way to store the recipes I have liked,tried and discovered ,and hence the blog.I find myself wandering ,like most IT families and it gets very cumbersome to carry the cookery book around…there fore this BLOG!.I have no claim to originality to most of these recipes,which I have been either  handed to by my family or that I have come across on the internet.Where possible I have mentioned the source of the recipe mostly when it has been motivated by another blogger.I hope to keep this blog as a source of my culinary experiences .

Most of the recipes are anti-allergic,there fore avoids nuts.You are welcome to  re visit my experience and to add   yours to it!




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